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Our Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

We complete hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions annually.  If you are negotiating an agreement of purchase & sale, or buying or selling any type of real estate, then you are in good hands with us.  We have experience with commercial plazas, industrial properties, apartment buildings, land development, condominiums, cottages, land, and of course, houses.

Corporate & Commercial

We offer a wide range of corporate and commercial services including: incorporations, leasing, buying and selling a business, shareholder agreements, corporate restructuring, tax-exempt roll-overs, amalgamations and general commercial agreements.  We invite you to talk to us early in the process, so we can point you in the right legal direction.

Wills & Estates

We assist our clients to create dynamic estate plans.  We have expertise in drafting Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, as well as structuring your estate plan to minimize Estate Administration Tax and maximize income tax planning strategies.  We also assist clients in the administration of estates.

Legal Representation

Private Lending

In addition to conventional mortgages, we also have particular expertise in private mortgage lending.  If you are lending money on the security of real estate, we are the best choice for the legal services you need.  Mortgage enforcement by way of power of sale or foreclosure to obtain judgment and a writ of possession is one of our specialties.


We will manage your institutional mortgage transactions with an efficiency & skill that the institution is unable to match. Whether there is a postponement, transfer of title, survivorship application, power of attorney or other circumstance  associated with your transaction, we have the expertise to get the job done.  We are an approved law firm for every institutional mortgage lender.

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